Sunday, April 8

When I was 17

Yes! I am still updating as I cross new things off my 30-30 list, which may either confuse you since it's past my birthday, or get you excited since this was a pretty anti-climactic way to end an 11 year old blog.  When the list is through I might type something up about ending asgoodasitgets but I really haven't had the time to think about it.

So you will see #1 is done.  Epic 4-day trip with Andrea to Vegas is booked!  I think the last trip we went on together was at camp with our Grade 7 class.. it was less fun than this is going to be.  I wish I were exaggerating when I say it will probably be the best trip of my entire life, or as Ethan would say.. I'm being double true.  I am so excited that I'm making us some fake IDs that we won't even need.

Yes, we're both going to have the same one.  I don't make sense when I get this excited... and that's just a FACT.

Until next time!


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