Monday, May 28

Vegas Baby

Can I just tell you how excited I am for Vegas with Andrea in June????

Beyond excited.

Wednesday, May 16


I want to just live in the woods and eat beans all the time
I'd love to live at the cottage, own 5 plates, and never use the internet again
I want to drink nothing but red wine for a year
I'd like to take up pottery and make all kinds of stupid pots that I'd gift people and make them keep in their houses all the time
I'd like to have a mythical crazy 4th child, a girl, who I'd take to ballet class.  She'd look like this.

and when you told her what to do, she'd look like this..

(btw this is me, just in case you think I'd google little girls until I found the right one)

I want to go to Italy with my family and basically never come back
I want to tell all the people who ever said mean things about me to go fuck themselves, because I never do that but that's exactly what I'm thinking
I want to eat so much salad
I'd like to find a fashionable scarf, and then figure out when wearing it would be appropriate
I wish I could hang out with my friend Andrea every month or so
I want to go for wine tours all over the world
I want to tell everyone I see that you can buy a huge bag of cibatta buns at Costco for like 5 bucks
I want to have a night out with my friends every Saturday, and rhyme with with S things we'd be doing like Steak, Sushi and (sweater) Shopping!
I'd love to keep writing my blog 

Sunday, May 13

There`s a hidden beauty finding its way out of everyone

I'm not sure what's wrong with me.

You see, I walked into Walmart the other day and was nearly in tears looking a picture frame that said "LOVE" my greatest blessings in life call me Mother.  Then I had a glass of Red Velvet Cupcake wine and watched E!'s Giuliana & Bill's happy pregnancy news.  Don't do what Donny Don't Does.  You'll find yourself in a MESS of a MESS.

Ok maybe not that messy, but certainly not pretty.

When I thought of writing a post for Mother's Day I initially was a little sad that you will not be reading a big poem about how much I love my Mom.  Sad for YOU since I assume you all have totally awesome relationships with your Mothers, as I assume about everyone who has things I don't have, but not because I am a robot with no feelings.  I do love her, but in a defensive way.. the "don't talk crap about my Mom! only I can do that" way.   As an adult child of a Mother who has paranoid schizophrenia, I simply can offer no verses to write about how fuzzy and grateful she makes me.. but I'm pretty glad she took care of me even though she didn't take care of herself.  There was a time before all of that where she was the person I would write a fancy poem about.. like how I loved when she forgot my mittens for school and had to give me her fuchsia gloves that smelled like her.   It was the late 80s... not really her fault everything was fuchsia at the time.  Or velvet, or permed.  I felt like the coolest, most awesome kid with those mittens on.

Tonight I am completing another something on my 30-30 list for Mother's Day which is taking her out to dinner.  Sounds like a regular thing but for us it's not happened before.

On the flipside.

My favourite things to think of when I think of being a Mother are the times where I get a rare picture of me with my baby birds, usually taken BY me.  I hope one day they realize if there aren't a lot of pictures of us together it is because they are so special to me that I couldn't help but always be holding the camera, looking at them be great.  Since I'm sharing feelings and all that jazz I'll tell you that before I left the hospital with each of my babies, I took my iPod and put a little earbud to their brand new ear, and played them a soft little song.  One day I will tell them about the first song they ever heard.

Ethan Avery: 
Katie come true/Son, Ambulance

Gabriel William:  
I will follow you into the dark/Deathcab for Cutie

Kieran Patrick:
Talking Bird/Deathcab for Cutie

Happy Mom's Day to everyone.. nomatter what, it's a title that comes with respect and challenges; you are irreplaceable to someone so never forget the good you do.

Wednesday, May 9


Listen, folks.. I am waiting patiently to inevitably be rejected for  #17 on my 30-30 list; donating my blood.  Why is it so important for me to donate blood?  I don't know I just feel like I should, same reason I am a (vital) organ donor.  If you could help someone I just don't see why you wouldn't.  So.. while waiting on that I decided to replace one of my list items "be Vegetarian for a month" since that will not really help my iron deficiency situation/ineligibility!  I wasn't really sure why I even put it on there at all... I like eating things with faces.  It's Steak Saturday this Saturday, even.  I am going to be eating so much face.

That didn't come out the way I thought it would but I'm going to keep it!

So in Vegetarian Month's place I had thought to do a 5k run on Mother's Day, but since I was asked by a friend, I decided instead to participate in the Canadian Cancer Society's Relay for Life.   Myself and my team "The Sisterhood of the Travelling Sneakers" will be doing it up June 22nd from 7pm-7am!  For real this is going to be one long night.. however I have three kids so pfft PIECE OF CAKE?  I do most things in my sleep anyway.  This is not to say that these things are easy but because my body literally doesn't allow me to fully wake up when I do them.

I'm very grateful to everyone who has pledged me so far, I didn't know that I would get any supporters at all and I've raised $100!   People believe in me.. times 100!  I thought I'd put a link up if anyone wants to donate a few dollars to help me reach my goal I'd be very thankful to you.

Wednesday, May 2

The Sims Family Fire of 2004

While this blog has ended I feel the need to mention that it's nice that blogger will have the history of it, until I guess blogger dies or something.  I have quite a lot of blogging-time that wasn't saved/saved poorly when I didn't have blogger to do it automatically for me.  So, when I was reading an old journal of mine quite a while ago I liked being reminded of the inappropriately late nights I spent playing The Sims (it was 2004) and trying to leave it on all night without my family killing themselves somehow.  It involved A LOT of fire alarms.

Pretty sure I woke up and my "Brooke" character still ended up dying in the weirdest way possible.  She was hovering over the pool, I guess Sims got glitchy, so there she was mid-swan dive and couldn't complete it.. and ended up dying of starvation!  Poor SimsBrooke.  I still love that I created all my friends in Sims version when I suppose it was too late to actually hang out in real life.

Anyway in that same post I had somehow come to a conclusion about life that makes even more sense to me than it did 8 years ago. 

Thanks, Self, it's always good to be reminded of the way things work.. and why we don't play Sims anymore.  I have enough little people in my life who need that kind of constant supervision!  And they really love me, so, that's lucky too.

Fire Alarm Count in the House: 4
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