Wednesday, May 9


Listen, folks.. I am waiting patiently to inevitably be rejected for  #17 on my 30-30 list; donating my blood.  Why is it so important for me to donate blood?  I don't know I just feel like I should, same reason I am a (vital) organ donor.  If you could help someone I just don't see why you wouldn't.  So.. while waiting on that I decided to replace one of my list items "be Vegetarian for a month" since that will not really help my iron deficiency situation/ineligibility!  I wasn't really sure why I even put it on there at all... I like eating things with faces.  It's Steak Saturday this Saturday, even.  I am going to be eating so much face.

That didn't come out the way I thought it would but I'm going to keep it!

So in Vegetarian Month's place I had thought to do a 5k run on Mother's Day, but since I was asked by a friend, I decided instead to participate in the Canadian Cancer Society's Relay for Life.   Myself and my team "The Sisterhood of the Travelling Sneakers" will be doing it up June 22nd from 7pm-7am!  For real this is going to be one long night.. however I have three kids so pfft PIECE OF CAKE?  I do most things in my sleep anyway.  This is not to say that these things are easy but because my body literally doesn't allow me to fully wake up when I do them.

I'm very grateful to everyone who has pledged me so far, I didn't know that I would get any supporters at all and I've raised $100!   People believe in me.. times 100!  I thought I'd put a link up if anyone wants to donate a few dollars to help me reach my goal I'd be very thankful to you.


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