Wednesday, May 2

The Sims Family Fire of 2004

While this blog has ended I feel the need to mention that it's nice that blogger will have the history of it, until I guess blogger dies or something.  I have quite a lot of blogging-time that wasn't saved/saved poorly when I didn't have blogger to do it automatically for me.  So, when I was reading an old journal of mine quite a while ago I liked being reminded of the inappropriately late nights I spent playing The Sims (it was 2004) and trying to leave it on all night without my family killing themselves somehow.  It involved A LOT of fire alarms.

Pretty sure I woke up and my "Brooke" character still ended up dying in the weirdest way possible.  She was hovering over the pool, I guess Sims got glitchy, so there she was mid-swan dive and couldn't complete it.. and ended up dying of starvation!  Poor SimsBrooke.  I still love that I created all my friends in Sims version when I suppose it was too late to actually hang out in real life.

Anyway in that same post I had somehow come to a conclusion about life that makes even more sense to me than it did 8 years ago. 

Thanks, Self, it's always good to be reminded of the way things work.. and why we don't play Sims anymore.  I have enough little people in my life who need that kind of constant supervision!  And they really love me, so, that's lucky too.

Fire Alarm Count in the House: 4

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Brian said...

One would hope you didn't wake up to your husband (or a friend) somehow stuck in a mid swan dive...

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