Wednesday, May 16


I want to just live in the woods and eat beans all the time
I'd love to live at the cottage, own 5 plates, and never use the internet again
I want to drink nothing but red wine for a year
I'd like to take up pottery and make all kinds of stupid pots that I'd gift people and make them keep in their houses all the time
I'd like to have a mythical crazy 4th child, a girl, who I'd take to ballet class.  She'd look like this.

and when you told her what to do, she'd look like this..

(btw this is me, just in case you think I'd google little girls until I found the right one)

I want to go to Italy with my family and basically never come back
I want to tell all the people who ever said mean things about me to go fuck themselves, because I never do that but that's exactly what I'm thinking
I want to eat so much salad
I'd like to find a fashionable scarf, and then figure out when wearing it would be appropriate
I wish I could hang out with my friend Andrea every month or so
I want to go for wine tours all over the world
I want to tell everyone I see that you can buy a huge bag of cibatta buns at Costco for like 5 bucks
I want to have a night out with my friends every Saturday, and rhyme with with S things we'd be doing like Steak, Sushi and (sweater) Shopping!
I'd love to keep writing my blog 

1 Comment:

Greta said...

love, love, love this! :) and those pics of you are adorable...

that would be a good experiment -- nothing but wine for a year! you could probably make money writing a book about it.

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