Monday, May 28

Vegas Baby

Can I just tell you how excited I am for Vegas with Andrea in June????

Beyond excited.


Greta said...

So jealous -- Vegas would be such a fun girls trip!!! I am doing Gatlinburg TN with a couple gfs this weekend...which is pretty redneck...but should be fun anyway. :D

ann.мarie said...

I'd have loooved it if more of my friends could have made the trip with us but it's just my best friend Andrea and I going. I don't mind though since she moved across the country so I haven't seen her in more than a year, and we get 4 days in Vegas to f around? YEAAAAAHHHH! haha. We're doing everything! Including renting a convertible mustang and carting around a blow up doll for some reason.. It's a make no sense weekend!

Redneck girls weekend sounds like a LOT of fun to me!! Wait, they still have wine there right? ;) lol

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