Wednesday, June 27

Friday!. and the rest of that song

Confirmation of how sad your travel life is: days before you're set to fly to Vegas you only just then realize you threw away your one and only suitcase about 6 months ago.

I can't believe I didn't remember doing that!  It was my one and only (falling apart and stored in the cold cellar) suitcase!  Tonight I'm packing all my crap in a Lululemon gym bag and my biggest Coach purse.  Good thing you don't need a lot of stuff to have fun! :)

Ironically though I think I'm equal parts excited for the actual flight as I am for the actual weekend with Andrea.   It is a simple but favourite thing of mine.  The cheapest of flights still have a priceless view.

via flickr: kevindooley

Sunday, June 24

12 hour walk

Number 2 of 30 is complete! (and so is 21 of 30 which I forgot to cross off from Mothers Day)  Just a few left until the list is finished.  

Here's a few pictures from our 12 hour walk for the Canadian Cancer Society with my team.


Our team captain's mother was a survivor-lap participator at the event.  So cute.

We won for best dressed tent!  A bag full of fruit, cookies, chocolate and fancy water.. ou la la!

Zumba class at 1am is a great way to wake up :)

Lorraine's phone says we're still going...

And this is what no sleep will do to you.. spontaneous dance number during the 2am karaoke.   Please excuse the deafening screams of hilarity but this was the best thing ever.

Monday, June 18


I will sound like an old person with this anecdote, but, when I was in grade 3 I misspelled the word 'because' on a test (BECAUSE it's a hard word!) and my Dad told me I had to write it out 100x before I could do anything else that day.  What a horrible thing to do to a young person... and it took a surprisingly long time to finish.  This has likely also happened to you, too, at some point so you know what I'm going to say now.. you've never spelled it wrong ever since huh? There's some truth to doing things wrong until you start doing them right.

Everyone else who gave up on word 5 and went to play skip-it outside is apparently selling stuff on Kijiji.   JUST.  SAYING.  It's not even close.

Friday, June 8


I know, I know, I've already stated (probably twice) of the unending glee that ads on kijiji provides me.  What can I say, my heart just smiles when it sees stupid things.. like the cashier at Shoppers Drugmart that I've seen 100x and trip 101 I finally figure out she looks exactly like the cartoon Cathy.  Now I can't stop smiling when I go in.

So, I am perpetually looking for this mythical sofa bed for downstairs; not having found it I keep running into hilarious ads for 'footons', a sectinal and yes.. even a sexional!  Scandal.  I would email these people to let them know just how much they made my day happier if I weren't positive I'd get a response along the lines of "F U".... probably because they have no idea how to spell that either.

I realize these aren't paid ads so I'm not expecting to be dazzled but is it to much to just spell things correctly?  Or like this ad, just input your information wherever!

"Hi, I'd like to buy Tony from you"
"I'm Tony"
"No it says here the couch is Tony, so, when can I come get him?"
"No my name is Tony, the couch is a couch"
"I think I know how to read an ad, sir"
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