Sunday, June 24

12 hour walk

Number 2 of 30 is complete! (and so is 21 of 30 which I forgot to cross off from Mothers Day)  Just a few left until the list is finished.  

Here's a few pictures from our 12 hour walk for the Canadian Cancer Society with my team.


Our team captain's mother was a survivor-lap participator at the event.  So cute.

We won for best dressed tent!  A bag full of fruit, cookies, chocolate and fancy water.. ou la la!

Zumba class at 1am is a great way to wake up :)

Lorraine's phone says we're still going...

And this is what no sleep will do to you.. spontaneous dance number during the 2am karaoke.   Please excuse the deafening screams of hilarity but this was the best thing ever.


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