Friday, June 8


I know, I know, I've already stated (probably twice) of the unending glee that ads on kijiji provides me.  What can I say, my heart just smiles when it sees stupid things.. like the cashier at Shoppers Drugmart that I've seen 100x and trip 101 I finally figure out she looks exactly like the cartoon Cathy.  Now I can't stop smiling when I go in.

So, I am perpetually looking for this mythical sofa bed for downstairs; not having found it I keep running into hilarious ads for 'footons', a sectinal and yes.. even a sexional!  Scandal.  I would email these people to let them know just how much they made my day happier if I weren't positive I'd get a response along the lines of "F U".... probably because they have no idea how to spell that either.

I realize these aren't paid ads so I'm not expecting to be dazzled but is it to much to just spell things correctly?  Or like this ad, just input your information wherever!

"Hi, I'd like to buy Tony from you"
"I'm Tony"
"No it says here the couch is Tony, so, when can I come get him?"
"No my name is Tony, the couch is a couch"
"I think I know how to read an ad, sir"


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