Monday, June 18


I will sound like an old person with this anecdote, but, when I was in grade 3 I misspelled the word 'because' on a test (BECAUSE it's a hard word!) and my Dad told me I had to write it out 100x before I could do anything else that day.  What a horrible thing to do to a young person... and it took a surprisingly long time to finish.  This has likely also happened to you, too, at some point so you know what I'm going to say now.. you've never spelled it wrong ever since huh? There's some truth to doing things wrong until you start doing them right.

Everyone else who gave up on word 5 and went to play skip-it outside is apparently selling stuff on Kijiji.   JUST.  SAYING.  It's not even close.

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Greta said...

to be fair... B UE T FUL....okay, maybe not! seriously, people! :D

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