Sunday, July 8


One Vegas story for you, before I am able to update fully (aka with pictures) that Andrea sends me.  We used my camera for HD video mainly for our Vegas Movie.. so you know that is coming at some point.  She's putting it together so I suggested a lot of star-wipe scene transitions.  Anyhow!

I bought two pairs of hellokitty sunglasses for Andrea and I to wear in Vegas.  Reason: none, fun, whatever. We wore them to the pool and on our last day I was swimming with them on and a 12 year old girl got my attention and gave me a "that's whats up!" nod, with some "you and me" finger motion.. herself wearing a pair of black ones.  

In one motion I knocked them off my face as if the sunglasses had morphed into a huge tarantula.  I just assumed there was nothing you shouldn't do in Vegas but I found one: look 12 in any way possible.

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Greta said...

Um total cuteness! Seriously! And it looks like you are checking a lot of items off "the list" - GO GIRL! :)

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