Tuesday, July 3

Vegas: you can sleep when you're dead

Grand Canyon, flight to Vegas

This trip was so awesome, so much fun, but about 800 things packed into 4 days that I will have to actually recover from it before I give a full update as to not forget anything.  It's easier just to tell you the things we didn't do.

  • Didn't see a show
  • Didn't go to a club
  • Didn't gamble, aside from a $1 slot on our way out so we could say we did it
  • Didn't shoot guns
  • Didn't rent the car
  • Didn't shop at any of the outlets
  • Didn't get arrested
And didn't care!  Any of that stuff we can do in Vegas 2013 if we want... especially get arrested.

I will say the last night was the absolute best and worst if only (but it wasn't only) because we were still drinking dollar margaritas from the Golden Nugget in old las vegas approximately 30 minutes before I boarded the shuttle to the airport.  Regular necessities like sleeping an eating are total options in Vegas, and we opted out of a lot of it.

This is what my name sounds like to people when I show up to the airport Starbucks still drunk and blackout tired.  They should be glad I didn't answer "my name is give me that fucking coffee right now" ..  I drank the entire thing and passed out cold in my seat, to be woken up by very amused fellow travellers as we were boarding the plane at 5:40am.

I honestly cannot imagine any city on earth being more exciting than Las Vegas.. with that, back to the work week and why isn't it the weekend again so I can sleep?  


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