Thursday, August 30

Emptying my wallet

goodbye Vegas weekend..

Andrea visited home last weekend and we've already got to retell a lot of the stories from when we were there which was fun, as it was a very fun 4 days.. and got to look around her Mom's basement of old stuff and jam for the mysterious David Copperfield ('s autograph Andrea has).

I have an aversion to saying goodbye to anything, or getting to the end of some stories.  This is never good.  If I've learned anything it's that every story deserves it's end, only in writing it yourself can you give it the integrity that belongs to everything that happened before it.  For example the book I bought in the Newark airport (This Is Your Captain Speaking) I purposely did not finish the last chapter; there it sits on my nightstand since I got home last month as if the vacation wouldn't be officially over unless I read the last word.  Even though it's not particularly a great story it really doesn't deserve to go unfinished.  As a note, only I would buy a book to read on a flight that starts off with a plane crashing into the Hudson River.  I mean, really????

I don't think it's particularly weird to never want something to end but it's certainly never made my life any easier.  Every once in a while I have to empty my wallet whether I like it or not, and I find there's so much more room for other things that way.

Fun Fact: a Las Vegas RTC transit bus is called "The Deuce" 


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