Sunday, August 26

Frozen battle: Zoku vs X-Press Pop Maker

If you aren't familiar with the Zoku pop maker it's a super fast way to make any kind of popsicle you want.  My first thoughts with the Zoku were as follows:

  1. what the hell?
  2. it's too pretty
  3. more than 2 minutes is still too long to wait.. it's for kids, right?
  4. what kind of time do you think I have?
  5. this is so unnecessary that maybe I want one

NOT FOR THAT PRICE, ZOKU.. nomatter how many peppy-lady instructional videos you make! Then I run into it's competitor the X-press Pop Maker.  Note my unedited, non-dreamy photos.


I buy it on sale for $12.  My kids go batshit crazy for anything I make with these.. I just have to open the freezer and they go OH MY GOD IT'S THE RIGHT NOW POPSICLES! and I haven't even started with the cute cut out fruits because please, their waiting the 10 mins is hard enough.  

These are Raspberry Yogurt popsicles.  Raspberries were frozen from the garden, loved them!

All you have to do with both is freeze the base for 24 hours beforehand and then make sure you do not put any liquid in it that has no sugar (including natural sugar) plain water, or is carbonated.  It just won't work, and that seems to be the premise of the whole idea.  Here's the side by side.

  • price $12 (original $29.99)
  • makes 4 popsicles at a time
  • takes 7-10mins 
  • comes with 8 sticks, 4 drip guards
  • ice pop removal tool
  • price $73.44
  • makes 3 (2oz) popsicles at a time
  • takes 7-10 mins
  • comes with 6 sticks, 6 drip guards
  • ice pop remover tool 


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