Friday, August 3


I'm working (i.e. in my mind, where most of the work happens) on crossing off the next item of my list which requires me to complete a room in my house. I put this on my list because mainly decorating is something perpetually a work in progress.. the work being in my imagination and the progress being painful to watch.  Example: my 'decorate Easter' project.  I get caught up in the little things too often.. and, if there were ever a metaphor for my life that would be a pretty great one.

So goes my goal of completing something to my satisfaction.  You may laugh now, if you like!  I did.

That brings me to my choice of room.  Kieran's room.  I don't have a picture of Kieran's room when I started but it's pretty plain so not hard to imagine.  Instead, let's meet my subject.  He is 18months old in TWO days.  My sunshine, on this, a beautiful summer Friday.

says: HA-low!

He likes birds so I am going with a bird theme with creams, browns, blues and orange that matches his crib bedding.

I am going to attempt to PAINT a section of his room ....a stencil!!.. soon so I'll update when I do that.  Or fail at that, whatever may come.  For now I'll share some amazing stuff on the paper design site called Minted.  I'm obsessed with wall art, and now, all things Minted.  They design more than nursery art if you want to browse around.  Be prepared to love everything.

Photo sources: Minted.


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