Thursday, August 16

Stencil Project: stairs to playroom

I am pretty pleased with myself that I accomplished one of the ideas I had.. in a test area of the house.  This was valuable for three reasons

  1. It was a smaller area so I could finish quicker and estimate how much time my real project would take me
  2. If I screwed it up it would still be an improvement to beige nothing on your way to the playroom in the basement, where we hang coats anyway
  3. Lists make me feel like I've really made my point

The inspiration for my whole project was a fun wallpaper design by Orla Kiely called Multi Stem Wallpaper.  I decided to do my own thing with it and the paint I had wanted for the basement and I made the stencil myself from paper I bought at Michaels.  I might end up finishing this with a cream coloured stem or grey stem, I haven't decided.

Before: I used my kids to dress up my boring walls!  Hi, ti-dye Gabriel.

Pics: another section I did around the corner beside the door and view from the top of the stairs.  The large rectangular space is where the hat rack/coat hanger goes but that's hubbs job since it weighs 30 pounds and I am too proud of my work to wait for him to get around to it ;)

Total time for a person who doesn't do this stuff at all, and I mean at all: 2 hours

Estimated time it would take me to do the entire wall in Kieran's room as I had wanted, with multi-colours:  HOLY CRAP I DONT KNOW SEVEN HOURS???  Reconsidering my approach maybe.


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