Friday, August 10

Summer 2012: do everything

This year has been crazy for me as far as worklife.. like really crazy.. so this summer has been spent with my time off spoiling the boys as much as possible with summer adventures.  Last weekend we were at Canada's Wonderland until it literally closed at 10pm.  I wish I had a video of me taking Ethan on his first roller-coaster ride The Fly.  It looks harmless enough but it does scare you, so, 3 seconds into it he was screaming "MY EYEBALLS ARE GOING TO FALL OUT, MY EYEBALLS ARE GOING TO FALL OUT" ... What?? haha.

Careful or they'll eat your Dad!

So here's my conclusion about summer; do everything.  The unspoken fun-less parent responsibility with children is that to have the fun sometimes you feel like you need to plan and organize the day as if it were a military attack.. making sure everyone is always at their optimal, least cranky, fun-having state of mind.  I'm not here to say that isn't true because it certainly is much of the time but it's SO much fun to throw that out the window some days.  When you can, do.  Never pass up an opportunity that isn't in your plan.  My natural state of being has always been that I like to consume everything.  My soul is happy to do everything.  Play with everything.  See everything.  Get every last drop out of the sunshine in a day.  Then do it again tomorrow.   It's indescribable to get those special moments with your child where they turn to you with a blissful smile on their face and whisper "this is beautiful".


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