Monday, August 13

The Simpsons just isn't good anymore...

I will admit I secretly think those picture with words things that I run into sometimes are hilariously teen-mo, however, I had no idea anyone shared my thoughts until I found this.  Enjoy!

Update on my stencil painting project:  
Trial run is going well!  So excited I started.  It's just a test area of the house at the moment.. aka the landing towards the playroom but so far everyone but Sean THINKS IT'S THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO PAINTING EVER.  SO much so that Gabriel took my brush and made some super nice unapproved paintings on the walls around the house.  Yay?

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Greta said...

This entire post made me laugh -- thank you for sharing these! Also, very excited to see the finished product of the stencil painting. You are making me excited to design a toddler room for the little one!!!! Have a great day, girl! :)

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