Tuesday, September 18

Someday isn't one of them

Another item off my back 30 list: have a running routine.

I'm going to play my 'I have three children' card.. which I promise I never really play.. in the fact it's hard for me to have routines for myself.  But here's where we stand today.

Things that helped me stay on a min. 3 day a week schedule:

  • c25k app, has a nice little set up to start you off/guide you
  • running partner
  • nice scenic area, wooded/lakeshore
  • 8tracks app, keeps music interesting.. oddly enough Rhianna's Birthday Cake is fantastic to run to! who knew??
  • posting my results and progress on facebook keeps me accountable, especially if I don't have a running partner that day

The biggest accomplishment in setting a routine is not letting any setbacks get you off track.  I am not so much of an unmotivated person as I am a maker of an invisible set of rules that if I ever deviate from, my plan just gets thrown out the window!  For this reason, and the last 4 weeks of running, I cross you off my list.. running routine!!    

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Greta said...

So awesome that you are running -- having a partner really helps. :) I can never find one that wants to run as often or at the same pace as me...so my babe in the stroller is my partner.

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