Friday, September 21

Space Day

I had one of the best days this week, and no, it wasn't my childlessly wandering in and out of cafe's reading books, drinking pumpkiny-chi infused drinks, and buying autumn sweaters.  

....sorry I just had to take a moment to imagine that last option.  

So I kept my son Ethan home from school Monday with a cough I didn't like the sounds of.  The boys made a rocketship out of a box after breakfast, so, I decided we should do some special space day activities to keep him interested.  One craft was a big hit: Galaxy Crayons.  

We made each one to be like planet colours.. really easy to do and great way to rid yourself of broken crayons :)

What you need:
  • cupcake tray/some oven safe tray
  • broken crayons
  • glitter
Fill each circle 1/5th of the way with broken crayons, more colours the better, place on middle rack broil LOW for 2mins.. take out and cool for 10mins.. pop them out and colour!  

Ethan took a few of them for show and tell the next day and he came home pretty excited with his 'presentation' since everyone seemed to like them! Fun, fun day.. 


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