Tuesday, October 16

Nobody knows what it means

I have avoided this video for weeks but, sadly, anything Andrea sends me I feel compelled to watch.  

I have no idea what gangnam style means either, I think its like one of those ink blot tests of life.. Andrea thinks someone might get hurt and I assume we're high on goofballs wearing sunglasses and using "jazz-hands" as currency.

In case you were curious we wanted to see Carrot Top but he was out of town that night.  Also, I saw Penn Jillette going to catch his flight while waiting for Andrea (she was delayed twice.. I now know McCarran Airport REALLY WELL.  Let me take you for a tour sometime!) and he looks just like the Undertaker with a tan.   I guess I should actually write a real update on my trip to Vegas but someone has all the pictures still and hasn't sent me the USB drive in the mail.  Hint: that someone isn't ME.

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Greta said...

I watch Ellen and they play that song/do that dance all the time on the show. I think my 15-month-old knows the dance already. ;)

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