Monday, November 12

Birthday & Best(maid)

I had hoped that I would have been able to host a 5 course dinner party by now since it covers 2 whole items on my 30 list.  I am not giving up on that coming to fruition before March (my Champagne Birthday by the way.. neat!) but what's been going on this weekend has been pretty close so I'll share.  We did have a huge dinner party for my husbands birthday, however, it was hosted at a steakhouse where other people cooked our food, poured the champagne and someone else made and delivered the cake.  Anyone who watches Game of Thrones will get a kick out of this.  Everyone else... this will be awkward.

Sean and his cake.. aka his gift from me that
1. you can't buy it for yourself
2. you can't return it

Throne made of swords topper!
4 heads on spikes, and Sean's favorite House Baratheon crest with the motto changed to "Ours is the Forty"

It was the worst weekend for me to be sick because the very next day I was involved with my cousin Alisia's Stag & Doe; an even busier night if not possibly the busiest Stag & Doe I've ever seen.  My responsibility for the night? Besides the early morning set up, oh just selling all the raffle and booze tickets.  Nobody wants those, right?

I'll just show you the end of the night for JUST the beer empties.  I can't even tell you how much other alcohol was there, I didn't count, but 40 pop bottles of mixer were gone.

I'd like to thank Sudafed and Redbull for being invented together in my lifetime so I could even do it.  
I like to put my talents to good use but really, who wouldn't want to sell something to help out a Bride-to-be with a face like this?  She's just too cute to say no to.. smiling, bringing us alcohol, and she's wearing a fracking tiara.  It's all my favourite things!


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