Friday, November 23

re - James

There comes a time .. or if you're lucky a couple times in life where you think, can anything be better than this?  Like, ever? I am here to tell you that if it's James Face then this is as good as it gets.  My friend Rob recently shared the link I saw a year ago and seriously every time I look at this thing I can't stop laughing until the captions get blurry with my own tears.

The idea is this guy takes his friends facebook pictures, photoshops them to look slightly different and reposts them to facebook.  His friend James does not like this.

My life's dream is to do this to my friend Andrea someday... gah, it should be on my 30-30 list.  Please, enjoy if you haven't already ...even though I hate repeating myself this is worth it.

Click on the link to see the comments since they are the BEST. PART.

JAMES-FACE by Oli & Alex

  "That's not my bush baby! ...I'm simply not that pale...."

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Greta said...

LOVE it! Just was laughing so loud I almost woke my kid up. So fun!

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