Sunday, December 23

Merry Cookbookmas

Last year my friend Andrea sent me a hilarious cookbook for Christmas, and this year was no different.

Bound to be delicious!

Oh yes, it's real... and it made my freaking day mainly because it came in a package with no explanation whatsoever.  While it MIGHT make my list for my 30-30 dinner party.. I am almost tempted to make something for Christmas Eve dinner.   My grandmother will be eating it and I'll simply have no choice but to explain why I am laughing randomly through dinner otherwise she will no doubt try and drag me to an AA meeting on Christmas Day.

This Christmas I must say has been pretty sweet since we've stepped up the festiveness .. i.e. there is currently a 20 foot inflatable snowman on my lawn!  Among making new memories, one thing that I hope my boys don't remember from the holidays but I am 100% certain they will, is their mother is an astoundingly terrible present wrapper.  I had about 2 hours today while wrapping to think about how I hope none of them inherit this.  Go with bags, you say? ripping through paper on Christmas morning is not something I can bare to deprive them of.. even if I can already feel them making fun of me.  I'm totally up to a grade 3 level in wrapping now.

That's a doodle for absolutely no reason??  I had to take a break, guys.

Hoping you all have a wonderful, memorable holiday!


Greta said...

LOL - LOVE the cookbook. :) I just got my friend the book "Fifty Shames of Earl Grey" for Christmas...I'm sure she will love it! ;)

ann.мarie said...

ahh that's so awesome! omg for sure she will. I think I am in love with hilarious cookbooks now.. she got me the hilbilly cookbook last year and let me tell you it was REAL! pepsi and peanuts, shake it up, its called a 'pick me up' seriously haha

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