Monday, December 30

what I've been doing today......

edit: I think I fixed the video.. no idea why there are two screens!

Maybe you missed the blockbuster movie that came out this summer: The Death of the Goblins

Winter holidays means... iMovie, Lego building, random 'pew-pew-pew' noises, nakedness for no reason and a lot of talk of farts, poop and fighting to the death.  Here's to more of that in 2014.

I think?

Monday, December 23

frozen tree day

If you've heard of the Ice Storm here in southern Ontario it ended up being less of a killstorm and more of a day of pretty ice tree pictures on Facebook.  Oh, and a lot of people don't have power in their houses.  I suppose that sucks!  I had power except for when it went out for 3 minutes while trying to buy batteries at the Dollar Tree .. took me about 15 seconds to consider The Walking Dead scenarios. 

Take that, 31 years of living in civilization.

I also had about $1.20 in my purse so hopefully if this ever happens for an extended time, random Legos pieces in my purse will be extremely valuable when I barter for food and candles.

Sunday, December 15

Snowed in

This weekend it dumped so much snow on the road and my car has no winter tires so of course I wasn't going anywhere.  I ended up getting super bored and breaking out my SLR and taking pictures; because there's only so much cleaning you can do!

Behold my entire weekend in picture form, minus the crazy look on the neighbours faces when they saw a large black lens peaking out of the windows .. I bet that looked awesome.

the point where Kieran had enough cold.

If we didn't get out of the house and go tobogganing with the neighbours kids I probably would have had my children in Santa hats posing with whatever props I find.  Here, hold these nutcrackers and smile!!!  

Saturday, December 7

Yup, sweaters

I have a board on Pinterest called "Yup, sweaters" because it was just obviously going to happen.  I must share that I found the best one yet and it just makes my heart do the opposite of the Grinchy thing where it grows three sizes too big.

Then I start getting all emotional taking my oldest and his friends to see Frozen in 3D and it's clearly just downhill from this point.  Spoiler Alert: the thing that unfreezes things.. Love.

My Kieran "Kier Bear" better never grow bigger than this... because I don't know if they make this sweater any larger.  Yes, that's the reason.

Monday, December 2

Dear Thursday, I can throwback any day I want!

I found myself in a debate with my mother on the weekend about the time I was 8 and tobogganed right into something head first.  Picture day was the next week so I had a great picture of me with a scab in the middle of my forehead.  She remembered that school photo differently than I (I thought I had a different hairstyle and outfit) so she pulled out her giant purse of photos.  And I mean this was a purse with nothing but photos in it.

Short answer: she was right about the photo but wrong about what I hit, it was not a tree.. it was a brick building.  If it was a tree I'd be dead.  The no front tooth was just a coincidence.

If you're going to ask why then I have no rational answer for you; I 'felt' like I was going way too fast to jump off.. even though my parents were screaming at me to jump off.  It might as well have been a skit.

As a result of this photo above we spent a good hour looking at photos, a lot of which I realized were my own personal photos I guess I left at home OR she stole.. really not sure which.  Some of them were exactly the photos I remember or days I remember, a few I have no idea at all where they were taken but I know and love the people in them, and lot of them were of my cousins and I from our cottage and family get togethers.  Amongst other things I realized I am pretty thankful for them.  The fact we've always been together just makes me really happy.

Sunday, November 17

With Axes

My wonderful boy Ethan drew this.  This was part of a big picture frame where I suppose he was asked to draw something like his family or fondest memory and instead he drew every character in Batman.  I think the black watercolour is supposed to make the photo look old timey?  As soon as I can get on the list with the person who makes children's drawings into real toys, I am honestly having the Robin character made into a stuffy.. it's so darn cute.

Child's Own Studio

He's an artsy one, that one, and I do love everything he makes which is such a boring thing to say but he always makes funny things.


Ethan: that is Darth Vader and the rebel troops.
Me: and what's in the middle?
Ethan: a rainbow!

This year's Mother's Day gift: the heaviest penguin teacup ever.

"Sesame Street: with axes!!"  ..lovely

Monday, November 11

Adventures in forgetting dinner with your friends

My best friends Brooke and Kim and I took our red lips and red shoes out for superfun girl time aka red wine and dancing.  I definitely earned my tiredness and sore feet the next day.  Pretty much love these girls forever and ever, just saying.

The odd part in the story is I was so busy that day that I forgot to have dinner before we got ready and left.  You would think I'm old enough not to forget this very important rule but apparently that's not true.  Now, I'm wondering what it'll be like when we're all 80 year old  ladies and awfully forgetful and we go for a night out.  If you add some really overly dark bar/club.. because nobody likes to look at eachother anymore apparently..  I of course totally bit it on the way to the bathroom and my knee is not happy one bit.  One point for forgetfulness and zero for me.

Also I felt I had to tell this guy talking to us that he looked like Daniel Baldwin. Nothing out of the ordinary there since I love things that look like other things (it's my shit I'm really good at it) but because of the drinking/no eating I obnoxiously said it 800 times.  How awesome of me.  I am right though he really does.

A drunk Kimmah runs into a drunk Daniel Baldwin

Functionally drunk Brooke manages to get us a cab home (promptly forgets how we got home or ordering the cab the next day) so I do what I drunk Ann does best and tried cooking cheese and ham eggs.  I could only horrifically look on as less functionally drunk Brooke put leftover butter spaghetti in it... no idea why she did that and also why we all still ate it simply amazes me.  I must have felt death coming.  Gross!  I'm 31 why is this happening???

Oh right, it was fun.

I don't know how else to end this other than with motivational quotes over pictures of drinking.  Enjoy!

Gallery link: no idea why this is so awesome, but it is!

Monday, November 4


My friends and I got together one night this week for an Arbonne spa party.  There was free wine, free chocolate and free facial pampering and tutorial for everyone while we wore sparkly headbands.  It's pretty much the 30-something version of staying up late to watch Tales from the Crypt and putting really stupid make-up on each other while eating frozen Passion Flakies your grandma hid (but not too well).  In this scenario though nobody came downstairs and told us all to shut up and go to bed which was kind of nice.

I am sure all of this contributed to the fact that I actually bought a $31 lipstick.  Really, in life, I would never do that.. but compared to the prices on all the other things I wanted it seemed REALLY reasonable.  You got me, marketing!

Strawberry Brooke and Me

I should write a list of things I would spend $30 on.. it would shockingly be way shorter than you'd think.  That even includes wine!  My favourite bottle right now is only $11, Pelee Island's Moscato Red.  So, so, so good.

There might be a theme here....  red red red.  I love it all.  I even bought myself some red Tom's canvas wedges on sale.  I should stop there huh?

Tuesday, October 22

Nothing says RAD more than a side ponytail

Edit: pics came out today so I totally pirated a couple .. watermarks are so RAD 

This was probably the most fun you can have running although I am slightly jealous of all the other cities that got to do this in the sun, double digit temperature and/or without rain!  Still, so much fun I dare anyone to have a grumpy time!  If you ever thought to participate, you should definitely do it.

Our heat was the last because the amount of runners were apparently more than the road could handle; people sat in their car on the road 5 mins from the race.. for 30mins.  The weather was a balmy 5 degrees Celsius while raining what seemed like pure ice for a solid 3/4 of the race.  All I'm saying is this means all the colour packs will 100% cake on to every part of you and your car and shower will be RAD as well.  Some of your blonde hair, should you have it, will look a little faded-koolaid-Nirvana-fan for a while.  

Hamilton's Colour Me Rad event was at Christie Conservation Area so it wasn't a road race.. we ran hills, mud, drop and rolling around at colour stations and of course stopping for pictures! These aren't even all of them...

My forearm tattoo looks like it says BAD now.  Just the kind of thing a daycare provider should have.. and I point to it when the kids are bad! ;)

My leg colour tan line and Brooke's rad hand

My next goal is the 10K around the Bay in March (if we don't do the Santa Run in between) just in time for my 32nd birthday!

Thursday, October 17

I win at volunteering

When I volunteer to make play dough for the Kindergarden class.. I'm there to kick all the other play dough in the ass.  How?  Amazing cake gel colouring and glitter!!

Why?  I swear I'm really not this cut-throat in real life, it's all for the kids enjoyment and also how I have fun :)  I started volunteering my afternoons to help distribute pizza on Friday Pizza Day.. let's just say everyone will not only get their pizza in a timely manner but, no, that's about all I can do with pizza.  Dammit.

If you want to make this recipe gluten-free (haven't figured out a reason for this but you may HATE gluten that much you won't even PLAY with it.. but whatever the case) then substitute the 1 cup flour for 1/2 cup rice flour and 1/2 cup corn starch.  

Playdough Recipe

1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1 cup boiling water                                                     
1tablespoon vegetable oil
2 teaspoons Cream of Tartar
few drops of food colouring *special ingredient.. 1tbsp of GLITTER*

Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl.  Mix boiled water, vegetable oil,
and food colouring together in a large bowl.
Add liquid ingredients to the dry ingredients and stir.  When all
ingredients are all mixed together, remove from bowl and knead
the dough in your hands until the mixture forms a smooth ball.
Dough can be stored in ziplock bag or air tight container.

Saturday, October 12

Thanksgiving Status Update

Just saying... it's been UNreal lately, and of course I just can't help myself but to correct every. single. one. I see.  Don't worry though I completely ignore the '200,000 likes and this doctor can perform life-saving surgery' or 'like if you love Jesus, keep scrolling for the devil' ... aka the evolution of hotmail email spam.  If I didn't ignore those I just wouldn't have any time to do ANYTHING.

Wednesday, October 9

I have a cozy problem

As I got the daycare kids to their story group at the library today, and tossed around some stuff in the car (that I have moved like, 8 times previously) I realized one very horrible thing.  A horrible, horrible problem has become apparent.  I've given my children, by proxy, a hoard of sweaters.

There, I said it.  And I even hate the word hoard.  Worse yet, I suppose I am the one who (man this term creeps me out) "governs the hoard"!

I knew it was a problem already because I cannot get all the sweaters they have into their various SWEATER DEDICATED drawer in their dresser.  There's a closet full too.  This doesn't include regular coats, everyone!  Just sweaters.

Why so many??  There are too many choices:
Regular hoodies, pull over hoodies, knit hooded and hoodless dress swearers, knit zip up, character sweaters, fleece, super polar fleece, pull over knit, button up cardigans, matching jogging set sweaters.

 think my problem of sweater-loving is compounded by the fact that I can pass along sweaters to all my boys.. however I determine occasionally that they all need more?  Oh, and special Christmas sweaters too.  No I don't understand what I'm typing either.  There are no less than 5 sweaters balled up in the car right now that my poor children strip off all the time and I am KEEPING them there 'in case' they need them.  Sweater emergency!  Someone needs to look cozy ASAP.

I won't lie anymore.. there are three just hanging on a chair in the dining room, doing nothing. I am crippling my children aren't I? I am suffocating their little lives with sweaters lol.  Is there help for this?  Because it's Autumn now and sweaters are ALL OVER THE PLACE. Hmm.. maybe a pumpkin spice latte and sweater shopping for ME would help :)

Friday, October 4

“Oh The Places You’ll D’oh”

I've had an entire bottle of Domaine Bousquet Malbec, so clearly it's time to talk about the very likely final episode of The Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors XXIV

I've been watching this show since I was in grade school, where my friend Andrea and I would literally get on the phone after school and watch together in total silence until commercial breaks.  And the Halloween Specials are so awesome we still call each other about them.  It wouldn't be so weird to say I'd get some matching XXIV tattoos soon; maybe while on the phone across the country.  Either way I'm pretty excited for the epic Treehouse that is coming, as well as the end of the series.

I'm reminded by my son Ethan all the time of my own tendency to want anything amazing/loved to last forever.  We went to Yogurty's for no real reason other than it was a nice weather night and he remarked before he finished his dessert .. when are we coming back?  When's the next ____?  Sleepover, party, playdate, etc.  Ask me if I had a good time!  Very typical of him to say.

The best things about life are the things you forget to enjoy, and the fact that you can't make it all last forever is sometimes the very best part.

“So be sure when you step, Step with care and great tact. And remember that life's A Great Balancing Act. And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed) 
Kid, you'll move mountains.”  
― Dr. SeussOh, The Places You'll Go!

Tuesday, September 24

Two things

1.  Our local online web 'neighbourhood news' included a photo of me in the 33rd annual Terry Fox run, all I'm doing is starting my iPod so I'm not even going to link to it.. if I was wearing a shawl or making a particularly crazy face though I would... just for your enjoyment.

We are all signed up for the Oct 19th Colour Me Rad 5k.. although maybe no one should ask me to suggest a team name after a post-run 2nd glass of wine?

2. Random but speaking of running.. the other day I ordered a travel bag for my son Ethan's EpiPen and the stock image they used on their website confirming my order was unintentionally hilarious.

What is this supposed to be?

Ah yes.. anaphylactic allergies make me think of being SO happy that my kids are running away!  especially the little one, possibly right into a big pile of peanuts?  It's cool, though, we have so many EpiPens.  If they're so happy why are they reaching for them like that??? lol

Tuesday, September 17

Race 0

Terry Fox is more of a Canadian hero so if you are not Canadian (or a BAD Canadian! Shame! I'm going to take away your Timmies coffee!) and have not heard of his story or the Marathon of Hope, you can read the wiki.

Terry Fox Foundation's Facebook Page

Personally, I have always loved reading wiki/encyclopaedia on random interesting things or people.  Maybe you appreciate it too even if you have already heard of him; he did have a pretty remarkable and interesting life.  My life isn't nearly as remarkable but as a kid I was just never a good runner, I hid on mandatory track and field days, sat on the sides because I was always last or made fun of having a silly duck run.  Still, I have always wanted to do this particular fundraising run because it's so obviously inspiring.

So! Tuesday evening I sent my friend Brooke a message saying let's do the Terry Fox 5k in my city on Sunday.  There is a more casual 'participation' run/walk at 10am but I wanted to do the real one at 9am.  Her response was probably a swear word, and can we even do 5k?  It's a fair reaction for her since we'd only been out once together this September.  We have talked about doing a 5k Colour Me Rad in October and the Santa run December.  My end goal is a 10k around the bay in March.

During the race I was happy to see Brooke was doing well, especially for someone who has taken a long hiatus in running and has only been training 3-5 times this year, so I think it's a huge milestone for us.  We usually finish bottles of wine together, not races haha.  The most hilarious part was that we were about 30 seconds from the finish line and she yells for me to 'go on without her' which we kept joking about because uhh NO I am not crossing the finish without you!! it's literally right there!! lol.  I took a picture with my iPod at every KM mark.

...4K was kind of gross..

We got a massage after which was awesome! Why can't that happen at every race?? We grabbed a bite, had a high five, and headed to the team BBQ later that afternoon.

5K!  We're the wieners! 

 A good day.

If you want to know why I titled this post 'Race 0' it's because there is a statue at Mile 0 where Terry Fox started his run across the country.  We start somewhere.  As cliche as it may seem, every journey has a first step and the only thing important to the narrative of your story is merely to decide if you want to start.  Who knows, it might just end with a pleasant surprise.  Or hot dogs.. always start stuff that ends with hot dogs.

Thursday, September 12

Ann-Marie's 1st race

Sunday sunday sunday!  

The Terry Fox Run

I didn't paint

First week of school is almost over, and it felt like a year long process.  Most notable in effort was my not losing my shit when the time came to send my second baby out into the world.  A world of all day Kindergarden and everything that doesn't involve his Mom.

I'm happy to report honestly that I left my tears for the car ride home, or under my hand as I grabbed a pic or two as my heart happily climbed the giant stairs of the schoolbus.. which he has been waiting to do for what I'm sure seems like his whole life.

He has been doing amazing in class and I'm very proud of him.  He comes home happy but when I ask how it was he bases his whole day on whether he has painted or not.  It's either "I painted" or "I didn't paint" and then other things come after that declaration.  Easy to please!

Ethan went to his first day last week, glad as ever that his best friend in the whole world (AND NEIGHBOUR) will be in his class.  I swear they will get tattoos when they are older they just love each other so much.

Luckily, I never have been or ever will be worried this boy is ready for anything...

....but is grade two ready for him?

Saturday, September 7

Days of our lives!!!!

Did I fun-fail the Back to School sleepover party?  Let's find out.

7 seven year old boys took over my house on the last weekend of Summer.  Their parents called me nuts.

It was a lot more fun than I had ever imagined.

I wanted the boys to have one last blow out of crazy fun before school started, and I am really glad we did because all the friends did not make it into the same class this year so it was nice they had that experience together.  A few of them, including my son, randomly declared that this was the best night of their lives and they'd remember it forever.

Fun win!

Things to note.  Seven year old boys, en mass, are actually seriously hilarious!  This one kid was a gold mine of things coming out of his mouth that had me in tears all night long.  One of them exclaimed, in the middle of the party "That's Ethan's MOM???" to which another boy said "Yes! It really is!"  as to confirm the story for me.  No I'm just a really nice neighbour who likes feeding kids and hangs around Ethan a lot... he's pretty 'cool'.  When it came to movie time I was asking for suggestions and just said "What do you guys want to watch?" at least three scream "TRUE BLOOD!!!!!!" and one yells out DAYS OF OUR LIVES!!! IT'S THE BEST SHOW!  I swear.. yeah I'm going to be the parent to show all the kids True Blood, sure guys!  How do they even know what that is??

You know what else I learned?  Allowing them to play dress up and scream up and down the stairs in whatever game they are playing is not all that funny in itself.. but randomly noticing all the kids are shirtless and/or pantsless when they run by with play swords IS very funny.  More than once I audibly asked, to no one in particular, where are your clothes??  

I strongly recommend a team of 3 adults for a party like this.  One to set up the next activity, one to clean up the last activity, one to supervise the current activity.  We were a well oiled machine and come home time there was hardly any mess!

So.. our timeline of events:
  1. screaming like crazy
  2. eating pizza
  3. find everyone's shirts
  4. craft activity: glow in the dark bead necklaces/keychains
  5. dessert WORMS IN DIRT (chocolate pudding with gummy worms and oreo cookie crumbled 'dirt' on top
  6. have them decorate their loot bags for candy
  7. change into pjs
  8. outdoor activity: treasure chest piñata filled with gold chocolate coins, wrapped candy and glow in the dark stuff & finger lights.
  9.  let the kids play with the glow in the dark stuff in the basement with sleeping bags
  10. two movies: Spy Kids 3 and Epic
  11. supervise the last few kids not sleeping until lights out
  12. morning pancakes and listening to jokes about Mrs. Buttersworth (there are apparently lots)
  13. pack the first day signs and Mabel's Label's stuff into their loot bags for home
  14. remind the kids to tell their parents we did other things than run around in our underwear!

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