Sunday, January 6

Baby, where’d you get your crazy from?

Happy New Year, everyone.  From the moms who find me through 'pinning' Superhero Parties on Pinterest.. to those who should be ashamed of what they Googled to get here!  I hope it's been a good start to your 2013.

This year finds me already smack in the middle of needing to put away Christmas things and planning my oldest sons 7th birthday bash.  He is a spoiled one, that one, a little dictator prince.  After having just last year sworn off doing an at home birthday party EVER AGAIN.. he requests a home birthday party but with more guests!  We had to prune this list down to TWELVE of his closest friends (not even including my own three boys).  Just note that anyone you happen to run into at Walmart two weeks before the party will also be added by your son on the spot.  So, thus starts the never-ending winterfest of crazy that December kicks starts at my house... and I say, challenge accepted.  I'll see that Superhero party: fun fail last year.. and raise you a Lego Party: the reckoning.  In fact if you search 'fun fail' in Pinterest you will find my site pretty fast, and that's so appropriate to me in general.  But that's not what I am sharing with you today.  I am here in the spirit of a fresh new year by airing my grievances that will later be very informative if my kids ever want to know where they got their crazy from.  Answer: you got it from yo mamma!

Things that bother me WAY more than they should, in no particular order:

Gifting my grandparents a Keurig coffee machine, with all the extras, to have them tell me it's too complicated to use as a second machine and though they did not even take it out of the BOX.  What they would like it to be exchanged for? ANOTHER REGULAR DRIP MACHINE.. step-wise it's actually far more complicated than using the Keurig.

I know they say you should never expect a pear tree to bear apples, but, really.

When I get things gifted to me that actually make no sense.  Like my mother buying my ice skates this year, and a half size too small.  I've been a 7.5 shoe for roughly the last 15 years. Probably the last time I also went ice skating.

Neighbours who build a fence between our properties yet constantly come over to 'my side' to blow leaves up my lawn and scalp 'my side' of the grass.  No idea why there's even a fence there, then!  It's not even a privacy fence it's just a stupid iron divider.

Other Moms, at times, if anyone suggests that if I mention in a relevant discussion that I had my three babies 'naturally' .. aka the only experience I have to draw from.. I am being judgemental to moms who do not deliver their babies that way.  Not sure when this happened in the Mom-culture but it's REALLY ANNOYING.   There is no best way to have a baby!!  If there was I expect to see an awards ceremony somewhere, and diamond tiaras.  So. many. tiaras.  Not that I'd get one, just putting it out there.

Nail polish.  It simply will chip the second you finish it, and then I look like a crack addict for a week, yet I don't stop using it.  If I spend $15 on a nail polish I like isn't there some kind of formula they can use to have that not happen?? The whole purpose is to stay on! It makes no sense!!

Hummer Trucks/SUVs.  Seriously really bother me.. there is nowhere in suburbia that is acceptable to me to own and drive one.  Regardless of how much I love some people on this earth, if they ever purchased a Hummer I am not really sure our relationship would ever be the same.

Dreamcatchers as a car mirror charm.  DO YOU EXPECT TO FALL ASLEEP?

 OK I feel better now.  Ready for this year to deliver some fun, can't wait!


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