Monday, January 28

Lego Birthday Party!

First, let's meet our party subject.  

This is my son Ethan Avery on the morning of January 18th his 7th.. SEVENTH.. birthday.  Uhh how the hell did this happen...????

His spikey 'special occasions' hair and snowpants/old man pose!

The only thing this guy ^^^ loves more then Lego is... nothing.  He loves nothing more than Lego; possibly me, one of the bringers of Lego.. but perhaps that's just a fantasy I have?

Exhibit A, B, C, D and E


Tell me when can a boy have enough Legos?

My challenge was to fulfill his insistent request for a home birthday party with a minimal amount of fail in the fun ideas department.  Join me if you want to see how I did!  Otherwise this is just a lot of noise.


Cast of characters.. only 8 of his very nearest and dearest friends (4 couldn't make it.. I was not sad) who all think farts are endless fun.

Invitation template I found online, re-edited at and printed out at my local Walmart as 4x6 'photos'
Those photos became the invites and only 50 cents each!

The blank invite, if you need it :)

Different invitation photo, blank, from Delia Creates


This sign greeted our guests.  The idea was off of Pinterest and
I added the stormtrooper to 'make sure only invited guests can come inside' ;)

I took most of my decoration printables from Delia Creates where I used the idea of the Lego wall collage and also the plates.   There was another Lego birthday banner and cut outs I used but I can't find that link so I won't include it.

Printed out this giant sign to "legoland" in the basement.
I kept this to put in his bedroom later.

We also had about 100 helium balloons all over the ceiling in the basement of Legoland with some cut outs of Lego faces on the walls.  Yeah... should have taken a picture of that.

Persnickety Prints for their Lego printable party package.


I set up the Lego table downstairs so the kids were making things, and I attempted to have a Lego Race Car building contest.  We were GOING to race them and the winners would take home some posters I printed out from the Lego City website.  That did NOT work out because off-brand Lego is the WORST and no one could figure it out, and it wouldn't lock in properly.. DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO BUY IT.  So, I decided to take an extra Lego set I bought on sale and have the boys put it together and choose two kids I felt 'co-operated' the best in the building process would take home the posters I printed out.

Lego Colouring pages and Poster printables on the Lego City website.

I also made a colouring book as a party favour for our goodie bags that said "thanks for coming to my party" with guys like this.
And the favour bags of course I didn't take ANY photos of but the idea was my own.. I bought yellow bags and drew a unique Lego face onto all of them.  I think they were pretty darn good, too.

There's also a Ninjago colouring page here.


I attempted to make a Jello mould so that some Lego candy looked 'stuck' inside, but, as I thought, the candy will melt.  Might not be a pretty Pinterest picture but the kids will basically love it anyway even if it looks totally horrific when you try to cut it.  I just told them they could eat the pieces and, bam, magic.  I also put the candy in the goodie bags, you can buy them at Bulk Barn they are awesome.

via MoneyWiseMoms

I was unsure if the kids appreciated my making and not buying their Birthday cakes last year.  My husband was not so subtle in trying to let me off the hook 'with everything I was doing' aka it sucked last year... but I had seen a great idea and felt it was my moment to test it out.

Meet the Lego Bricks Cake!

You just bake a sheet cake and cut into sections and frost... EASY ENOUGH FOR ME.  You might want to freeze it beforehand so you don't get all the crumbs like I did.  For the Lego bumps I cut marshmallows in half and put them on a section of lollipop stick to frost and place on top.  I frankly used way too much gel colouring on the blue and red 'aka purple'.. resulting in 2 kids looking like they had mouth sores.   So... don't do that?

As you can see the reaction on their little faces you'd think I made a miracle appear.  TEN boys completely focused and silent for about 8 whole minutes observing and eating this cake.

There are some unbelievable Lego cakes out there, not including professional ones like I bought for Ethan's 5th birthday:

But this little-cake-that-could was just as mind-blowing to these kids.. and I love that.  One boy even burst out with "this is the best party EVER!!!"  I was like wow thanks dude, I bet you say that to all the parties but I really needed that after 3 weeks of putting this stuff together.  I sacrificed showering for this party for goodness sakes!

Of course my own kid just sat there with a low-key grin of 'hey thanks'
....all blue in the mouth and adorable.


Greta said...

oh my gosh you did an amazing job with this!!! so creative and a lot of effort...way to go, mama! :D

Erin said...

Out of all the Lego invitations I've looked at with my son, yours is the only one he wants! :-) Can you tell me where you got it? Thanks so much!

ann.мarie said...

Erin I found it online the way I posted and then edited my own info on an online photo editor called :)

I have attached the blank invite to this post for you, just right click save and go to picmonkey to put your own text int there!

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