Wednesday, January 16

Pin in it

I used to joke that I hoped every couple would have a really 'Pinteresting' wedding, and refused to get an account on the aforementioned website Pinterest ( no link since you may have heard of it! ) just because I thought it was so ridiculous.  I say this having just mentioned my website is pinned all the time for my fun fail superhero party last year.  But still, I thought: I do have the ability to just remember things.. idea boards are for crazy ladies or maybe hippies with too many magazines.

That was until my best friend Andrea just got engaged over the weekend.  Um.. YAY!  So whilst I save up for my flight to visit the west coast in 2013, I am already afraid that I've gone past some sort of point ( or pin ) of no return.  This happened yesterday night where I found myself literally describing Time as 'at this point in my Pinning' 

That sure escalated quickly.   Anyhow... great ideas though, so I'll share.

Andrea's Wedding Board

follow the wedding board

I also pinned stuff for Ethan's Lego Party happening this Saturday on there, let's see how that turns out.  Go ahead and follow me but I can't promise you it won't eventually lead you to a board just for sweaters.


Greta said...

Welcome to the obsessive world of Pinterest! Love me some crazy pinning time. :D I will say I actually do make the recipes I pin...eventually. Which means I have a board separate for those recipes. Wow. ps - why aren't we panicking anymore??? ;)

ann.мarie said...

I am going to post about the party since a few ideas I had were from Pinterest! haha did you like the panic?? maybe I could bring it back I didn't think anyone noticed lol

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