Saturday, February 23


As a regular glasses wearer since the age of 17, my experience going to get an eye exam is just a yearly reminder I'm blind except every year I get just a liiiiittle bit closer to owning a seeing eye dog.  My eye doctor says "Nope, not this year!" and we do an air high five (that doesn't actually happen).  It goes without saying then that I'm pretty used to shopping for glasses by now but today was different.

This time I brought my baby Kieran with me and his fascination with my glasses made me a little nervous I'd have about 5 minutes of shopping time before he was trying to tear the store down.  Instead, he went to the kids area and pointed up at "that one" and made me give it to him to put on.

Just about the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life.. he is his mama's boy.  This expression was mostly due to the ladies in the store losing their freaking minds when they saw him.

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Greta said...

Oh my gosh -- he is an absolute doll!!!!! Love this picture. :) Boys are great.

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