Tuesday, February 5

Non-stop birthdays

I ask myself today, why must I endure all my kids aging at once??  Was this particular circle of hell too awful for Dante's Inferno, so he just basically left it out?

It's my BABY Kieran's 2nd birthday today.




Stop this train!  I'd like to get off now, please.

Before having any kids please know right now that I was in no way a person who really liked kids, dreamed of having babies, or understood anything about babies/kids.  They seemed to like me and that was terrifying.  Asking me to hold one was like giving me the choice between cutting the red wire or blue wire.  I have no idea what I'm doing! I'm going to blow us all to pieces!!

Clearly, we change and grow (up) .. I have them to thank for most of it.  I am lucky enough to get to be with my children every day and they still manage to surprise me with how they are amazing PEOPLE.  Did you know my Lego birthday 7yr old can read, write, and brought home FIVE pages of math work last night all marked perfect?  Perfect.

You get to bring home one of these soft pink-skinned wonders, feed them, clothe and re-clothe, love them, sing to them, ponder every bodily function they have, make rules for them, teach them, spoil them, worry for them, rush to get them medicine, hold their hands, then they go and do something to surprise you or to just make you so proud of them that you're sure there's no other reason you are on Earth.  Let me tell you, that is a strange and lovely emotion.

Now if you will excuse me I have to go wait for this kid to wake up from his nap so I can CRUSH HIM WITH HUGS.  He just loooooves that (if I make dinosaur noises) haha.


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