Sunday, February 10

Simpler times

Ain't no party like a Build a Bear party because a Build a Bear party COSTS YOU AT LEAST FIFTY DOLLARS.

He picked a puppy dressed as Captain America.  And it sings Happy Birthday.  Who knew that's all it takes???

He is even jazz-hands excited for his McCain Triple Chill cake.  How dare I, I know.. but this boy for some reason doesn't actually like cake.. just the frosting or ice cream, so, I thought this was better than anything I could make anyhow.

Now the next and final birthday will be for yours truly.  I have really loved and learned a lot of things being 30 but 31.. I may have mentioned before it's kind of a special date.

I know turning your age on your birthdate is called a Champagne Year.. but what if you're 31 on the 31st of the 3rd month in 2013? And it's the day of the premier of season 3 of Game of Thrones? Sounds like a Champagne Pixie Dust Double Rainbow year to me.

What could be better than going to Vegas last year?  I don't know yet.  I'm really, really going to try to finish my 30 list by then .. I SWEAR.. but as luck would have my cousin Alisia is getting married the very weekend before so I'm devoting a lot of time to that.  It's a very special wedding to me and will be such a great day I'm so excited to be there, and those jerks won't even BE at my 31st party.. they'll be on their 'honeymoon' or some excuse! ;)   What would the Champagne Pixie Dust Double Rainbow birthday have me do??  Maybe I should fly out to their resort and bang on their door every morning at 6am asking why they don't want to go for a 10k run with me... or interrupt their tanning time with stories of all the kitchen staff I've befriended and name all the members of their families.

Sounds fun right??  31 is turning me into Java Man apparently.

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Greta said...

It is only 6am and I look like that last picture. Gonna be a good day! :D :O

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