Saturday, February 23

So crafty I pee glitter

I'm a member of a wine and cheese group of ladies who meet about once a month.  I figured I'd do something special and try and idea I saw on Pinterest.   Let's see how I did!

Hello, DIY glitter glasses.

So sparkly!  The blue one is mine, because it was my learning glass... and there is also a red one not pictured here.  The problem with Ann-Marie 'DIY' is that it's MacGyver'd to whatever I have in the house; it's not Pinterest compatible you might say.  Luckily I totally had Martha Stewart glitter anyways but all the blogs I've read on this project have included something called Mod Podge and 'curing it' with sealing spray paint.  Ain't nobody got time for that.  

What did I use?

  • glitter
  • school glue
  • OPI nail polish top coat
BAM.  Done.  

Note: the top coat smell will give you a little headache not going to lie.

What happens the first wine night? Everyone had glitter in their wine and the FIRST thing I think of is "awesome, we'll literally be pissing glitter later!"  Is there anything more crafty than that?  I mean, yes, probably doing the whole project properly and dishwasher safe blah blah.  Isn't my way a little better though?  Adds little fun I think.  I do it half wrong but it always looks so good, so who cares?  

Every teacher I ever had just shed a collective tear.  I'm sorry.


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