Saturday, February 16

When am I not a 30 year old?

Games.  Any game.

 Recently I had the mother of one of my best friends 'play me' on a silly game I started all of 2 weeks ago to basically zone out from my day, and what does she do?  Keeps razzing me.. incessantly!  Anytime her mother beats my score in a level she posts on my Facebook wall something along the lines of..


It's all in good fun because a) I know the game itself encourages you to brag when you oust someone and b) I haven't said I'm bothered by it in the least.  BUT THEN suddenly she posts on my wall today that my friend had told her that I'm not super into people beating me at games so she will continue to raz me because of it.  Doesn't like to be beat at games?? WHAT?  THIS GIRL?  This is where some weird person takes over my body and told her not to worry.. I'll remember to rub it in the next time she catches up to me in the game.... whenever that is.

Ya I said that.. to her MOM, guys.

I'm operating on a 12 year old level at games now.  It's great.  I stop playing games sometimes for huge periods of time just to avoid this.  You know I played You Don't Know Jack one time and suddenly felt like I needed to know Jack more than Jack's own parents?  True.

Little known fact: when I was actually 12 years old my Dad refused to play Mortal Kombat with me anymore due to my swearing like a sailor.  I don't even know what to say about that!!


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