Tuesday, March 26

It happened one night

There are some times in life that we might call 'boring' .. it is nobody's favourite.  The same alarm-angry moment we were wrenched from sleep, same breakfast, same commute to work, the 'this or that' in your day that needs your tedious attention.  The same basic routine.  While lots of people claim to hate this kind of boring part of life, we rely on things being just so sometimes for a few reasons.  One is that it's pretty much impossible to be a regular person otherwise.  I'm just saying, the funnest person you know on Earth still has to grocery shop alone sometimes.  As a mom of three boys I actually DO consider doing anything by myself exciting, especially shopping!! but I'm making a bigger point here.  Two is that we cannot emotionally handle life being out of sorts all the time; specifically.. there will also be times in life where way too many exciting things will happen all at once and we need the boredom to go back to when it's over.

This week is such a time where unexpectedly we'll have had a wedding a funeral and a family birthday party all within a literal 7 day period.  The world just keeps on teaching you lessons, but we all know that already.   However it must not think I am paying attention enough to ever do so in a subtle way.  Like ever.  Or perhaps like a buffet Life just wants to give me everything it has available!  

Since the week started off with a celebration I will keep it on that note and say that my cousin's wedding was the most fun day I've been a part of in a while.  It was long and at the same time went by so fast and made so many memories.  I wish I could sum anything about it up for you all dear readers but all I have are photos, favourite stories and new friends.  


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