Saturday, March 16

What's a phone booth?

Exactly 2 weeks until my 31st birthday.  Checked out some tiaras? Oh helllllls yes I did.

So for the last day of March Break my friend Brooke and I took her nephew Liam and my oldest son Ethan, who are little friends, to BrickCity in Niagara Falls for a day of fun.  I also kept referring to it as a day of fun, like that episode of Friends' Joey and Janice's Day of Fun!! 

We had an amazing day, especially the playland afterward where we shot at balls together Gladiator gauntlet style.  I just loved the whole day so much.  There was however an astonishing moment that I did not think I'd reach so soon in my lifetime.  BrickCity has a neat little I Spy game in their massive installations and when I asked the boys to find 2 phone booths Ethan said 

"What's a phone booth?"  

Uh..  wow.  This is the world I am living in.  Ethan actually calls himself "The News" because he likes to report on everything.  "This just in, Gabriel is throwing things down the stairs.. more at 11."  He knows everything about everything but a phone booth NO that's just weird technology.  I remember not having internet, guys!  Anyone recall getting their info from Encarta '95?  I feel like I'm turning 105 not 31.  


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