Monday, April 1

Threes & Ones | 31 on 03.31.13

The last time I shared my birthday with Easter I was 9.  I believe my parents put me in a nice dress and took me to Chuck E Cheese by myself.  I watched the creepy animatronic giant character band, ate pizza, and slowly sunk into the ball pit wondering why no one was there to play with me.

Don't worry, I'm fine now!  

Holiday birthday kids let me just say I feel for you, as your competition is usually Jesus and who wants to say they are more special than Jesus?  I get it.  This shared Easter birthday was not bad at all though and I even wore a nice dress just because.  All the egg hunting and egg dying festivities in the morning were pretty fun.  

This is where I mention that Easter dinner at my grandmothers is almost bigger than Christmas so what else could I really ask for?.. and she even blew up a bunch of balloons for me.  She's up there in years so that's a real effort; plus, there was Turkey and nothing is better than Turkey on your birthday.  Dare I say not even cake?

I have a fancy cheese and fancy wine I was gifted (separately) and planning to have but honestly I was way too full by the time we got home to even enjoy it, so I'm saving it for another night.  In fact the holiday might even have worked in my favour since it's made it so my birthday is 5 times as long as everyone wants to take me to dinner all week and we planned a Champagne girls night out the next week.  Hmm.. maybe I should say thanks Jesus!  

An 11,323 day old Me.

Let me just end this post with all the stuff we had at dinner for 8 adults, 3 little children.

20lb Turkey
Breaded Veal Cutlets
3 bottles of wine
Breaded Artichoke hearts
Corn on the cob
Mashed Potatoes
Cranberry sauce
Homemade bread loaf
Birthday Cake
Ice Cream


Greta said...

Happy birthday!!!!! You look absolutely gorgeous! And your first paragraph made me laugh out loud, so thank you. :D

Hollie said...

You're gorgeous! Hope you had a wonderful birthday xo

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