Friday, May 31


Anytime you read about the 7 wonders of the world I always find most of them to be underwhelming.. Mount Rushmore? there's books on how that happened, so, not wondering.  Here is my list of wonders for your consideration:

  1. why is red wine so great?
    1.a) equally, every kind of cheese
  2. steak that looks good then tastes terrible.. why did you do that?
  3. how the guys from Epic Meal Time are still alive
  4. the caves behind waterfalls .. clearly magic
  5. people who work at Starbucks
  6. adults who are on children's programs .. how much do they drink when they go home?  
  7. campfire smell in clothes that last forever

Saturday, May 11

I got that off-black Cadillac

I found my 7 year old son sitting by the window after school one day trying to read my copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.  I have nearly all my University English course books shoved in the built-in bookcases in the livingroom and once in a while, along with my coveted Archie Comicbook Collection, something escapes the shelf.  Lord help one of the kids if it's my first edition Cheryl Blossom!

Anyhow he asked me to read it and thinking he'd get tired of it.. really, who can compete with video games?  also, his claim to fame around here is the world gold medallist for dawdling/huh what did you say mom? I'm too busy playing Lego to hear anything you just asked me to do.  So, the unabridged Lewis Carroll verson with very few black and white drawings.. not the best version I expected any kid would be interested in, regardless, I started to read it.

He was totally into it and I couldn't believe it.  I got to Chapter 2 before he got too sleepy and wanted to make a fort before bedtime.  This has nothing to do with my post tonight but upon re-reading the words myself I drew some parallels to my story I just told of getting lost.  Alice and I apparently have quite a lot in common.

What a silly girl.

This post though is about my running routine and how it went off the rails due to weather, and being back now to every single day which I haven't done before.  4 things that changed for me and I am adapting to mentally:

  1. I do not have a running partner, that's ok
  2. I do not use C25K or any other training program
  3. I'm a night runner so random people on a side street can make me certain I'm about to be murdered.  A lot.  They already know I'm tired!
  4. Finally been using my Nike+ and apparently Lance Armstrong himself congratulates you after you have your longest run.  With all that's going on in his life.. I appreciate the support man.

I also adjusted my entire runs to The Heist album and now I can't run without it.  I may or may not (I may) think I actually am Macklemore and it probably looks ridiculous even at night.

My fave cool down song. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

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