Monday, June 24

Modern Pioneers

The first day of Summer we packed up drove up to Sibbald Point for our first ever family camping trip, along with three of my cousins and their families.  Last year was the first time in the history of our family cottage that we did not all go up, and it was horribly depressing for us cousins; therefore I agreed to this camping weekend suggested by by brand new cousin-in-law, a seasoned camper, even though there is nothing about being outside for that long that makes any sense to me.  A housekeeping cottage on the lake with no TV and a phonebooth at the only variety store in town is just about my limit for 'roughing it' .. just an FYI, and here's why.

What you imagine camping is:

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!  S'mores and stew!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are modern pioneers!!!!!!

What it really is:


I burnt my finger on a lighter and Kieran had a few exorcist moments when his sleep was thrown completely off.  I honestly wanted to throw some holy water on him to calm him down, but, we got over it.. onto better things like sparklers, the beach, and taco night.  We had a great time and driving back home yesterday the weekend felt it was just too short, but I've discovered I do like one thing about camping.. I like drinking outside.   

Also, this is my idea of 'roughing it' in the great outdoors..

Cappuccino anyone??  

I also brought a brie baker for the firepit.  Just saying.. if you're going pretend you're homeless you might as well class it up a little.

Saturday, June 15

Why my son isn't ready for a Triathlon yet .. in pictures!

Ready to do this!!!  Running down the beach and...


I guess it is pretty nice.  Maybe next time.

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