Friday, July 12

New 2 Grade 2

My son Ethan is 7 and full-on into the social school world which (let's face it, is awkward for parents to add a new social circle based entirely on who my kid likes to play with... or maybe this is just me?)  and makes him a REALLY popular little kid in Summertime.  Honestly I work my whole life around his social calendar so he can enjoy playdates, beach days, pool parties, birthdays and movie dates.. nearly everyday.  With all that his other friends parents are doing for the boys to have a fun summer, I have gone and promised my 7yr old his very first sleepover party to celebrate the end of Summer and them going into a new school year.  I'm even going to call the party "New 2 Grade 2" and maybe make some pencil push-up cupcakes, they can have pizza, play Skylanders and I will transform the basement into a movie theater where the insanity can go on ALL NIGHT LONG!  Won't I be the BEST?

Occasionally I like to play the fun game called "if I had girls" in my mind.  This is what the sleepover would be like... if I had girls.  

What cute thing are we going to do now??  Make-overs? Chat about how awesome our mom is?

....buuuuut I don't have girls.  I have these.  

In my world, this is called teamwork! 

And remember, the big one has friends!  What's the boy equivalent to make-overs???

You will really enjoy the level of fun fail that is going to happen at this party, so there's that to look forward to at the end of Summer.  I feel like that one blog Pintester that's entirely dedicated to failing Pinterest ideas.  I'm here to show you how to fun fail at parties :)


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