Wednesday, July 17

Summer place

I confess to missing our cottage (for sale, sadly) so much this year that nearly every other day we go to the beach.  It's a poor substitute for living on the beach for a whole week, in a town virtually untouched by the hands of time, but anyhow.  Pools and splash pads are great too .. kids dig it.. but doesn't compare to having sand EVERYWHERE all the time does it?  Plus hey.. it's free exfoliating!

I've concluded that Summer isn't time-based but merely an idea, a dream you have, because you could fill every second of it with adventures.. or soak up the pure luxury of laziness not doing a single thing.. and it still seems to slip out of our fingers so quickly like it wasn't really 100% there at all.

When things wear you out and take the spirit right out of you, we have to embrace harder those things in life that put it back.  The places that we re-charge ourselves are so electric.. I hope you have one of those summer places too.



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