Saturday, September 7

Days of our lives!!!!

Did I fun-fail the Back to School sleepover party?  Let's find out.

7 seven year old boys took over my house on the last weekend of Summer.  Their parents called me nuts.

It was a lot more fun than I had ever imagined.

I wanted the boys to have one last blow out of crazy fun before school started, and I am really glad we did because all the friends did not make it into the same class this year so it was nice they had that experience together.  A few of them, including my son, randomly declared that this was the best night of their lives and they'd remember it forever.

Fun win!

Things to note.  Seven year old boys, en mass, are actually seriously hilarious!  This one kid was a gold mine of things coming out of his mouth that had me in tears all night long.  One of them exclaimed, in the middle of the party "That's Ethan's MOM???" to which another boy said "Yes! It really is!"  as to confirm the story for me.  No I'm just a really nice neighbour who likes feeding kids and hangs around Ethan a lot... he's pretty 'cool'.  When it came to movie time I was asking for suggestions and just said "What do you guys want to watch?" at least three scream "TRUE BLOOD!!!!!!" and one yells out DAYS OF OUR LIVES!!! IT'S THE BEST SHOW!  I swear.. yeah I'm going to be the parent to show all the kids True Blood, sure guys!  How do they even know what that is??

You know what else I learned?  Allowing them to play dress up and scream up and down the stairs in whatever game they are playing is not all that funny in itself.. but randomly noticing all the kids are shirtless and/or pantsless when they run by with play swords IS very funny.  More than once I audibly asked, to no one in particular, where are your clothes??  

I strongly recommend a team of 3 adults for a party like this.  One to set up the next activity, one to clean up the last activity, one to supervise the current activity.  We were a well oiled machine and come home time there was hardly any mess!

So.. our timeline of events:
  1. screaming like crazy
  2. eating pizza
  3. find everyone's shirts
  4. craft activity: glow in the dark bead necklaces/keychains
  5. dessert WORMS IN DIRT (chocolate pudding with gummy worms and oreo cookie crumbled 'dirt' on top
  6. have them decorate their loot bags for candy
  7. change into pjs
  8. outdoor activity: treasure chest piñata filled with gold chocolate coins, wrapped candy and glow in the dark stuff & finger lights.
  9.  let the kids play with the glow in the dark stuff in the basement with sleeping bags
  10. two movies: Spy Kids 3 and Epic
  11. supervise the last few kids not sleeping until lights out
  12. morning pancakes and listening to jokes about Mrs. Buttersworth (there are apparently lots)
  13. pack the first day signs and Mabel's Label's stuff into their loot bags for home
  14. remind the kids to tell their parents we did other things than run around in our underwear!


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