Tuesday, September 17

Race 0

Terry Fox is more of a Canadian hero so if you are not Canadian (or a BAD Canadian! Shame! I'm going to take away your Timmies coffee!) and have not heard of his story or the Marathon of Hope, you can read the wiki.

Terry Fox Foundation's Facebook Page

Personally, I have always loved reading wiki/encyclopaedia on random interesting things or people.  Maybe you appreciate it too even if you have already heard of him; he did have a pretty remarkable and interesting life.  My life isn't nearly as remarkable but as a kid I was just never a good runner, I hid on mandatory track and field days, sat on the sides because I was always last or made fun of having a silly duck run.  Still, I have always wanted to do this particular fundraising run because it's so obviously inspiring.

So! Tuesday evening I sent my friend Brooke a message saying let's do the Terry Fox 5k in my city on Sunday.  There is a more casual 'participation' run/walk at 10am but I wanted to do the real one at 9am.  Her response was probably a swear word, and can we even do 5k?  It's a fair reaction for her since we'd only been out once together this September.  We have talked about doing a 5k Colour Me Rad in October and the Santa run December.  My end goal is a 10k around the bay in March.

During the race I was happy to see Brooke was doing well, especially for someone who has taken a long hiatus in running and has only been training 3-5 times this year, so I think it's a huge milestone for us.  We usually finish bottles of wine together, not races haha.  The most hilarious part was that we were about 30 seconds from the finish line and she yells for me to 'go on without her' which we kept joking about because uhh NO I am not crossing the finish without you!! it's literally right there!! lol.  I took a picture with my iPod at every KM mark.

...4K was kind of gross..

We got a massage after which was awesome! Why can't that happen at every race?? We grabbed a bite, had a high five, and headed to the team BBQ later that afternoon.

5K!  We're the wieners! 

 A good day.

If you want to know why I titled this post 'Race 0' it's because there is a statue at Mile 0 where Terry Fox started his run across the country.  We start somewhere.  As cliche as it may seem, every journey has a first step and the only thing important to the narrative of your story is merely to decide if you want to start.  Who knows, it might just end with a pleasant surprise.  Or hot dogs.. always start stuff that ends with hot dogs.


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