Thursday, September 12

I didn't paint

First week of school is almost over, and it felt like a year long process.  Most notable in effort was my not losing my shit when the time came to send my second baby out into the world.  A world of all day Kindergarden and everything that doesn't involve his Mom.

I'm happy to report honestly that I left my tears for the car ride home, or under my hand as I grabbed a pic or two as my heart happily climbed the giant stairs of the schoolbus.. which he has been waiting to do for what I'm sure seems like his whole life.

He has been doing amazing in class and I'm very proud of him.  He comes home happy but when I ask how it was he bases his whole day on whether he has painted or not.  It's either "I painted" or "I didn't paint" and then other things come after that declaration.  Easy to please!

Ethan went to his first day last week, glad as ever that his best friend in the whole world (AND NEIGHBOUR) will be in his class.  I swear they will get tattoos when they are older they just love each other so much.

Luckily, I never have been or ever will be worried this boy is ready for anything...

....but is grade two ready for him?


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