Tuesday, September 24

Two things

1.  Our local online web 'neighbourhood news' included a photo of me in the 33rd annual Terry Fox run, all I'm doing is starting my iPod so I'm not even going to link to it.. if I was wearing a shawl or making a particularly crazy face though I would... just for your enjoyment.

We are all signed up for the Oct 19th Colour Me Rad 5k.. although maybe no one should ask me to suggest a team name after a post-run 2nd glass of wine?

2. Random but speaking of running.. the other day I ordered a travel bag for my son Ethan's EpiPen and the stock image they used on their website confirming my order was unintentionally hilarious.

What is this supposed to be?

Ah yes.. anaphylactic allergies make me think of being SO happy that my kids are running away!  especially the little one, possibly right into a big pile of peanuts?  It's cool, though, we have so many EpiPens.  If they're so happy why are they reaching for them like that??? lol


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