Tuesday, October 22

Nothing says RAD more than a side ponytail

Edit: pics came out today so I totally pirated a couple .. watermarks are so RAD 

This was probably the most fun you can have running although I am slightly jealous of all the other cities that got to do this in the sun, double digit temperature and/or without rain!  Still, so much fun I dare anyone to have a grumpy time!  If you ever thought to participate, you should definitely do it.

Our heat was the last because the amount of runners were apparently more than the road could handle; people sat in their car on the road 5 mins from the race.. for 30mins.  The weather was a balmy 5 degrees Celsius while raining what seemed like pure ice for a solid 3/4 of the race.  All I'm saying is this means all the colour packs will 100% cake on to every part of you and your car and shower will be RAD as well.  Some of your blonde hair, should you have it, will look a little faded-koolaid-Nirvana-fan for a while.  

Hamilton's Colour Me Rad event was at Christie Conservation Area so it wasn't a road race.. we ran hills, mud, drop and rolling around at colour stations and of course stopping for pictures! These aren't even all of them...

My forearm tattoo looks like it says BAD now.  Just the kind of thing a daycare provider should have.. and I point to it when the kids are bad! ;)

My leg colour tan line and Brooke's rad hand

My next goal is the 10K around the Bay in March (if we don't do the Santa Run in between) just in time for my 32nd birthday!

Thursday, October 17

I win at volunteering

When I volunteer to make play dough for the Kindergarden class.. I'm there to kick all the other play dough in the ass.  How?  Amazing cake gel colouring and glitter!!

Why?  I swear I'm really not this cut-throat in real life, it's all for the kids enjoyment and also how I have fun :)  I started volunteering my afternoons to help distribute pizza on Friday Pizza Day.. let's just say everyone will not only get their pizza in a timely manner but, no, that's about all I can do with pizza.  Dammit.

If you want to make this recipe gluten-free (haven't figured out a reason for this but you may HATE gluten that much you won't even PLAY with it.. but whatever the case) then substitute the 1 cup flour for 1/2 cup rice flour and 1/2 cup corn starch.  

Playdough Recipe

1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1 cup boiling water                                                     
1tablespoon vegetable oil
2 teaspoons Cream of Tartar
few drops of food colouring *special ingredient.. 1tbsp of GLITTER*

Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl.  Mix boiled water, vegetable oil,
and food colouring together in a large bowl.
Add liquid ingredients to the dry ingredients and stir.  When all
ingredients are all mixed together, remove from bowl and knead
the dough in your hands until the mixture forms a smooth ball.
Dough can be stored in ziplock bag or air tight container.

Saturday, October 12

Thanksgiving Status Update

Just saying... it's been UNreal lately, and of course I just can't help myself but to correct every. single. one. I see.  Don't worry though I completely ignore the '200,000 likes and this doctor can perform life-saving surgery' or 'like if you love Jesus, keep scrolling for the devil' ... aka the evolution of hotmail email spam.  If I didn't ignore those I just wouldn't have any time to do ANYTHING.

Wednesday, October 9

I have a cozy problem

As I got the daycare kids to their story group at the library today, and tossed around some stuff in the car (that I have moved like, 8 times previously) I realized one very horrible thing.  A horrible, horrible problem has become apparent.  I've given my children, by proxy, a hoard of sweaters.

There, I said it.  And I even hate the word hoard.  Worse yet, I suppose I am the one who (man this term creeps me out) "governs the hoard"!

I knew it was a problem already because I cannot get all the sweaters they have into their various SWEATER DEDICATED drawer in their dresser.  There's a closet full too.  This doesn't include regular coats, everyone!  Just sweaters.

Why so many??  There are too many choices:
Regular hoodies, pull over hoodies, knit hooded and hoodless dress swearers, knit zip up, character sweaters, fleece, super polar fleece, pull over knit, button up cardigans, matching jogging set sweaters.

 think my problem of sweater-loving is compounded by the fact that I can pass along sweaters to all my boys.. however I determine occasionally that they all need more?  Oh, and special Christmas sweaters too.  No I don't understand what I'm typing either.  There are no less than 5 sweaters balled up in the car right now that my poor children strip off all the time and I am KEEPING them there 'in case' they need them.  Sweater emergency!  Someone needs to look cozy ASAP.

I won't lie anymore.. there are three just hanging on a chair in the dining room, doing nothing. I am crippling my children aren't I? I am suffocating their little lives with sweaters lol.  Is there help for this?  Because it's Autumn now and sweaters are ALL OVER THE PLACE. Hmm.. maybe a pumpkin spice latte and sweater shopping for ME would help :)

Friday, October 4

“Oh The Places You’ll D’oh”

I've had an entire bottle of Domaine Bousquet Malbec, so clearly it's time to talk about the very likely final episode of The Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors XXIV

I've been watching this show since I was in grade school, where my friend Andrea and I would literally get on the phone after school and watch together in total silence until commercial breaks.  And the Halloween Specials are so awesome we still call each other about them.  It wouldn't be so weird to say I'd get some matching XXIV tattoos soon; maybe while on the phone across the country.  Either way I'm pretty excited for the epic Treehouse that is coming, as well as the end of the series.

I'm reminded by my son Ethan all the time of my own tendency to want anything amazing/loved to last forever.  We went to Yogurty's for no real reason other than it was a nice weather night and he remarked before he finished his dessert .. when are we coming back?  When's the next ____?  Sleepover, party, playdate, etc.  Ask me if I had a good time!  Very typical of him to say.

The best things about life are the things you forget to enjoy, and the fact that you can't make it all last forever is sometimes the very best part.

“So be sure when you step, Step with care and great tact. And remember that life's A Great Balancing Act. And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed) 
Kid, you'll move mountains.”  
― Dr. SeussOh, The Places You'll Go!
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