Wednesday, October 9

I have a cozy problem

As I got the daycare kids to their story group at the library today, and tossed around some stuff in the car (that I have moved like, 8 times previously) I realized one very horrible thing.  A horrible, horrible problem has become apparent.  I've given my children, by proxy, a hoard of sweaters.

There, I said it.  And I even hate the word hoard.  Worse yet, I suppose I am the one who (man this term creeps me out) "governs the hoard"!

I knew it was a problem already because I cannot get all the sweaters they have into their various SWEATER DEDICATED drawer in their dresser.  There's a closet full too.  This doesn't include regular coats, everyone!  Just sweaters.

Why so many??  There are too many choices:
Regular hoodies, pull over hoodies, knit hooded and hoodless dress swearers, knit zip up, character sweaters, fleece, super polar fleece, pull over knit, button up cardigans, matching jogging set sweaters.

 think my problem of sweater-loving is compounded by the fact that I can pass along sweaters to all my boys.. however I determine occasionally that they all need more?  Oh, and special Christmas sweaters too.  No I don't understand what I'm typing either.  There are no less than 5 sweaters balled up in the car right now that my poor children strip off all the time and I am KEEPING them there 'in case' they need them.  Sweater emergency!  Someone needs to look cozy ASAP.

I won't lie anymore.. there are three just hanging on a chair in the dining room, doing nothing. I am crippling my children aren't I? I am suffocating their little lives with sweaters lol.  Is there help for this?  Because it's Autumn now and sweaters are ALL OVER THE PLACE. Hmm.. maybe a pumpkin spice latte and sweater shopping for ME would help :)


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