Tuesday, October 22

Nothing says RAD more than a side ponytail

Edit: pics came out today so I totally pirated a couple .. watermarks are so RAD 

This was probably the most fun you can have running although I am slightly jealous of all the other cities that got to do this in the sun, double digit temperature and/or without rain!  Still, so much fun I dare anyone to have a grumpy time!  If you ever thought to participate, you should definitely do it.

Our heat was the last because the amount of runners were apparently more than the road could handle; people sat in their car on the road 5 mins from the race.. for 30mins.  The weather was a balmy 5 degrees Celsius while raining what seemed like pure ice for a solid 3/4 of the race.  All I'm saying is this means all the colour packs will 100% cake on to every part of you and your car and shower will be RAD as well.  Some of your blonde hair, should you have it, will look a little faded-koolaid-Nirvana-fan for a while.  

Hamilton's Colour Me Rad event was at Christie Conservation Area so it wasn't a road race.. we ran hills, mud, drop and rolling around at colour stations and of course stopping for pictures! These aren't even all of them...

My forearm tattoo looks like it says BAD now.  Just the kind of thing a daycare provider should have.. and I point to it when the kids are bad! ;)

My leg colour tan line and Brooke's rad hand

My next goal is the 10K around the Bay in March (if we don't do the Santa Run in between) just in time for my 32nd birthday!

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Greta said...

SO FUN! So many of my friends did this race this year...I think I may have to sign up for next years. :) Good luck on your 10K!

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