Monday, November 11

Adventures in forgetting dinner with your friends

My best friends Brooke and Kim and I took our red lips and red shoes out for superfun girl time aka red wine and dancing.  I definitely earned my tiredness and sore feet the next day.  Pretty much love these girls forever and ever, just saying.

The odd part in the story is I was so busy that day that I forgot to have dinner before we got ready and left.  You would think I'm old enough not to forget this very important rule but apparently that's not true.  Now, I'm wondering what it'll be like when we're all 80 year old  ladies and awfully forgetful and we go for a night out.  If you add some really overly dark bar/club.. because nobody likes to look at eachother anymore apparently..  I of course totally bit it on the way to the bathroom and my knee is not happy one bit.  One point for forgetfulness and zero for me.

Also I felt I had to tell this guy talking to us that he looked like Daniel Baldwin. Nothing out of the ordinary there since I love things that look like other things (it's my shit I'm really good at it) but because of the drinking/no eating I obnoxiously said it 800 times.  How awesome of me.  I am right though he really does.

A drunk Kimmah runs into a drunk Daniel Baldwin

Functionally drunk Brooke manages to get us a cab home (promptly forgets how we got home or ordering the cab the next day) so I do what I drunk Ann does best and tried cooking cheese and ham eggs.  I could only horrifically look on as less functionally drunk Brooke put leftover butter spaghetti in it... no idea why she did that and also why we all still ate it simply amazes me.  I must have felt death coming.  Gross!  I'm 31 why is this happening???

Oh right, it was fun.

I don't know how else to end this other than with motivational quotes over pictures of drinking.  Enjoy!

Gallery link: no idea why this is so awesome, but it is!


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