Monday, November 4


My friends and I got together one night this week for an Arbonne spa party.  There was free wine, free chocolate and free facial pampering and tutorial for everyone while we wore sparkly headbands.  It's pretty much the 30-something version of staying up late to watch Tales from the Crypt and putting really stupid make-up on each other while eating frozen Passion Flakies your grandma hid (but not too well).  In this scenario though nobody came downstairs and told us all to shut up and go to bed which was kind of nice.

I am sure all of this contributed to the fact that I actually bought a $31 lipstick.  Really, in life, I would never do that.. but compared to the prices on all the other things I wanted it seemed REALLY reasonable.  You got me, marketing!

Strawberry Brooke and Me

I should write a list of things I would spend $30 on.. it would shockingly be way shorter than you'd think.  That even includes wine!  My favourite bottle right now is only $11, Pelee Island's Moscato Red.  So, so, so good.

There might be a theme here....  red red red.  I love it all.  I even bought myself some red Tom's canvas wedges on sale.  I should stop there huh?


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