Sunday, November 17

With Axes

My wonderful boy Ethan drew this.  This was part of a big picture frame where I suppose he was asked to draw something like his family or fondest memory and instead he drew every character in Batman.  I think the black watercolour is supposed to make the photo look old timey?  As soon as I can get on the list with the person who makes children's drawings into real toys, I am honestly having the Robin character made into a stuffy.. it's so darn cute.

Child's Own Studio

He's an artsy one, that one, and I do love everything he makes which is such a boring thing to say but he always makes funny things.


Ethan: that is Darth Vader and the rebel troops.
Me: and what's in the middle?
Ethan: a rainbow!

This year's Mother's Day gift: the heaviest penguin teacup ever.

"Sesame Street: with axes!!"  ..lovely


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